Shukatsu ko kurakani (就活コクラカニ)"How to get Naitei(内定)" on 30th October 2021

Information on Shukatsu Ko Kurakani from NPO-SEWA
Dear Nepal Friends
Namaskar. It is pleased to inform you that “Shukatsu ko kurakani (就活コクラカニ)” is held on 30th October 2021 organized by NPO-SEWA. This is online session for providing practical information of Shukatsu.
We intend to give you real story how former Nepal student, Mr. Sundar Regumi, got a job in Japan. He graduated from Japan University of Economics in 2015, and got Naitei from two companies when he conducted Shukatsu. We believe that real experience has effective lessons which are not mentioned on books or websites. You can find efficient way to get a job through Shukats on this event.
He succeeded to develop his career, and plays crucial role on Japanese company as director now. This online event focuses on below topics.
What did he search potential companies for Shukatsu?
How did he develop his Entry Sheet? What did he prepare for interview?
What is the most crucial to get job in Japan?
How did he develop his career in Japanese company?
The details of seminar are as below;
Date: 30th October 2021
Time: 8:00pm. (You can entry the below zoom MTG room from 7:50pm)
Registration: Please register from blow facebook event page.

This event is free of charge.
We are looking forward to seeing you at the occasion.